Collection of Mari Iijima autographs over the years

I did not get an autograph from Mari this time at MacrossWorld Con, but still had the pleasure of meeting her and chatting with her several times over the years.

The first time was the Little Tokyo Anime Festival (in conjunction with the LA Tofu Festival). I did not know she was going to be there, but when I saw her name on the program, I went straight to Kinokuniya to buy an autograph board. While she was setting up for her concert I gathered the courage to ask for an autograph. She was real sweet and drew her trademark caricature on the board as well!

The second time was also during the anime festival, a year after. There wasn’t a huge audience, me and those who attended felt like we were getting a special private concert! This time I brought another autograph board and purchased a CD from her. From the CD, the song “Tuesday” still resides in my playlist till this day.

The third time was during MacrossWorld Con 2010 at UCLA. Similar to 2012, she held a concert and autograph session. As part of the UCLA anime club that helped MacrossWorld in hosting and organizing the convention, I volunteered at the convention, and somehow some way I got to help escort Mari at the end of the day. Was nice chatting about school and UCLA with her. Didn’t expect her to sign so much of my stuff at once, but she did. Items include two pages in the first volume of Macross Chronicles, and the Iki wo Shiteru Kanjiteiru single from the Macross Crossover Live.

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