Part 3 of Pictures from the Little Tokyo Nisei Week Festivals! It’s the first of two weekends of festivals, food, demonstrations, and cultural exhibitions!

This is just a bunch of pictures of my friends and me, our shenanigans and some anime/toku stuff sprinkled in!  Although the cosplay contest and parade (cosplayers participate as their own group) are on Sunday, there were still people in either casual cosplay (like my group) or in all out costumes (sorry didn’t get their pictures!)

Anime Jungle also re-opened in its new bigger remodeled store. Didn’t buy anything there (there were still those Blade, Dekaranger, and Faiz chess pieces for $5 though…), but I did shop at Kinokuniya.  This time around, instead of going to the anime artbooks and manga section, I went to the kids section.  Why? Because they have these awesome Super Sentai and Kamen Rider children’s books! They have lots of pictures like in the Televi-kun magazines, but each page is made of thick cardboard so they’re nice and durable! They are also a little cheaper than the fancy artbooks, so I picked up 2 Gokaiger and 1 Kamen Rider W!

Marukai had a huge stock of Dragonball Z Cider and Kamen Cider I bought the Vegeta one since I already have Goku. No new Kamen Cider purchases since I’m already satsified with Ichigo, V3, and Black. And look, the Go-busters wafers are still there!

And look, there’s a Tokusatsu hero!  It’s called Zeros, and it might be an Indie or original hero, but nonetheless, it was a very nice design and he was there to pose with kids and the general public.  Hope to see more of him!

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    Looks like a lot of fun! Also HOLY SHIT, ZEROES. I think he’s Osaka’s local hero! Lucky that you got to meet him!
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    Yup.. jealous xD Also that ZEROS…. I get a Faiz feel from him but omg awesome.
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    Loving the Zeros suit. :O