Part 2 of Pictures from the Little Tokyo Nisei Week Festivals! It’s the first of two weekends of festivals, food, demonstrations, and cultural exhibitions!

General festivities include cultural art exhibitions, martial arts demonstrations, merchandise booths, and lot of activities for kids including origami contests!  And of course, there were food stalls.  Lots and lots of food. Throughout the afternoon and into the early evening, I had:

  • Yakisoba
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Takoyaki
  • Shaved Ice, METEOR FUSION STATES VERSION (pineapple and grape flavor)
  • Hakata Ramen from Shinsengumi, with Little Tokyo-exclusive toppings such as pork belly chashu, kimchi, garlic chips, and soft-boiled egg.
  • Various drinks including of course, Ramune!
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